In this course, we explored the idea of committing oneself to our Faith, completely and without reservation. We discussed the structure of Faith and the choices we are presented with. Then, we dissected the various elements which led to a personal assessment of each person’s commitment to living the authentic message of Jesus the Christ, Messiah and King. His is the formula for true happiness – not just in Heaven, but even here on earth in this phase of our lives.

Join us as we journey toward an ever more elegant version of ourselves as we discover how we are called to make God’s Will the driving force in our lives!

Session 1 – Course Overview & Introduction:

Session 2:                                                                    

Session 3:                                                                    

Session 4:                                                                    

Session 5:                                                                  

Session 6:                                                                  

Session 7:                                                                  

Session 8:                                                                  

Session 9:                                                                

Session 10 – Forgiveness:

Session 11 – Myth, Fable, Superstition:

Session 12 – The Impact of the Culture:

Session 13 – Combating the Culture:

Session 14 – Putting it All Together: